Experts urge security in online shopping


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- Technology experts recommend taking extra steps to protect personal information while shopping online this holiday season.

In an interview with WAND, Google security expert Mark Risher recommended making sure software and devices are updated before shopping online.

“Attackers get to keep innovating and trying new things until they break in. Once they do, they rapidly spread that approach so lots of people can do it,” Risher said. “The best advice is to make sure you’re using up-to-date software, whether it’s Google Chrome or one of the competitors, or one of your devices are updated.”

Other experts also recommend avoiding public WiFi while shopping online.

Risher also recommends researching new high tech tools before buying them.

“One area people can think about is the new ‘smart-home’ devices, these ‘internet of things’ gadgets that people might be giving as gifts this season, and on those, you want to make sure they’re capable of receiving automatic security updates,” Risher said.”

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