Lovie Smith extended through 2023


Illinois AD Josh Whitman discusses Lovie Smith's two year extension in the video above.

CHAMPAIGN -- Josh Whitman made it clear he's all in on Lovie Smith - giving his head coach a two year extension that would keep him in Champaign through 2023.

"This extension demonstrates my belief in Lovie Smith, his staff, and the plan they have for the future success of Illinois Football," said Whitman. "I have studied our program extensively, and I see steady progress, both in the development of our current players and the talent we are adding to our roster. To date, we have remained one of the youngest teams in college football, with only nine seniors and nearly 80 freshmen and sophomores. As our players grow in strength, skill, and experience, more wins will follow."

The Illini went 4-8 this season. They are 9-27 in three seasons under Lovie Smith.

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