Taylorville church offering free laundry services after tornadic destruction


TAYLORVILLE, IL (WAND) - While a community is trying to get their lives back together, the Calvary Baptist Church is trying to make the process easy. Church members are volunteering free laundry services.

It's a community effort; an anonymous person donated laundry baskets, then the local Kroger and Walmart gave the church detergent and dryer sheets. When people show up with clothes for washing, members of the church will take them to the Car Wash Laundry place. Jeremiah Miller, a Taylorville resident, said he's still waiting for power to cut back on in his apartment.

"It's nice to know the community actually comes together to help everyone out when they're in need," Miller said. 

After an EF-3 tornado swept through the Central Illinois, people are dealing with: injuries, destroyed homes and property damage. In this situation, a fresh batch of clean clothes can make a difference for those recovering. Patti Smith, who's volunteering with the Calvary Baptist church, mentioned how its dire for people to not forget about Taylorville in the months ahead. 

"When the healing and reconstruction really begins, that's when we're [people in Taylorville] really going to need your help," Smith said. 

The Calvary Baptist Church will wash clothes, for free, till Friday. Their drop off and pick-up times are from 4:30 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. 

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