People infested with bugs force courtroom cleaning

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URBANA, Ill. (WAND) – Bugs seen on people in a courtroom forced Champaign County leaders to fumigate the area.

The News-Gazette reports it happened Tuesday afternoon in Courtroom L, which is located on the first floor of the building, when a person sitting behind a man and his sister made an audible noise. Others started to move away as the courtroom officer asked the two of them to leave the room. The area where they were sitting was closed off as the call continued.

The exact type of bug seen on the man and woman is unknown.

Judge Adam Dill was going through a public defend pretrial call, the newspaper says, which means case updates are called up one-by-one for status updates. He was able to continue with the calls, and the person with bugs had his case moved up so that he could get a new court date quickly.

Lt. Tony Shaw told The News-Gazette the situation was an “uncommon occurrence”. He said that while the courthouse is public and “we try to be respectful to everybody”, other people “reacted negatively” to the bugs.

The courtroom had to be fumigated with the help of a professional exterminator early Wednesday and has since re-opened.

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