Pearl Harbor survivor calls Decatur home


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) -  Brenda Eisel was just 2 1/2 years old, but she still remembers December 7, 1941 like it was yesterday.

Eisel's mother was a nurse, and her father was a U.S. Army engineer when the bombs were dropped on Pearl Harbor. 

"I was living on a plantation with my mom and dad," Eisel said.

According to Eisel, she remembers looking out of her window and seeing the Japanese planes go over her home. She also says she remembers seeing the big red sun emblem stamped underneath the plane. 

"I remember the airplane flying over," Eisel said. "The pilot tipped his wings and gave us a big smile and went off to bomb Pearl Harbor."

Eisel's daughter, Lynn Rufener, says her grandparents rarely spoke about the events that occurred that day. 

"I did ask at times,and it was a closed subject," Rufener said. "My grandmother didn't talk about it. I asked her to write it down for me, so she wrote just real board what had happened."

Eisel says even though its been almost 80 years, she thinks it's important for generations to come to remember that day. 

"When I see the flag, I get tears in my eyes for what it stands for," Eisel said.

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