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Advertising with WAND 17 and Works!

The simple fact is if you wish to grow your business, you need a plan, a growth engine.  There is no more powerful way to control your success than through a multi-platform plan utilizing both television and the internet.  

The advertising staff at WAND 17 can help you come up with a plan to achieve your growth goals.  Through a client needs analysis, we will help you take a hard look at your business and your customer and come up with a marketing plan that is custom designed to achieve your business goals and ultimately success.    

After this analysis, if a TV campaign is not in your best interest, we will not proceed.   If we determine that your goals can best be achieved on WAND 17 , then we will present you with a Customized Marketing Program, not a boiler-plate package.  We will utilize on-air advertising and streaming video over  We will help you synergize all of your advertising, so that your message is consistent over all media. 

Nothing delivers results like the right message in front of the right people, and StormCenter 17 delivers! 

Contact WAND 17's General Sales Manager Clay Koenig for your advertising needs!



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