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General Information & What to Expect on Your First Visit


Most people do not like going to the doctor.  And for those with cancer or blood disorders, it is very overwhelming, especially on your first visit.

Our physicians and staff want to do everything possible to make you feel welcome and comfortable.  So, please do not hesitate to let us know if you have questions or special needs.

During your first visit, you should expect the following:

You will be registered as a new patient.  You will be asked questions about your address, phone number, and billing information.  Please bring a copy of your insurance card(s) with you on your first visit.

You will be asked to fill-out new patient forms.  These forms will give your doctor important information about your health history, medications, allergies, and current symptoms.  Your doctor will review this information with you during your first consultation.

Our staff will give you a copy of our HIPAA Privacy Notice.

As a patient, you have a right to choose whether anyone (family or friend) is included in your appointments at CCSCI.  Please tell our staff if you have any special concerns about privacy.

Our staff will take you to an exam room to see the doctor.  Usually, our staff will note your weight, height, and take vital signs, such as temperature and blood pressure.

Doctor will meet with you to:

  • review your health records
  • perform a complete physician exam
  • confirm your diagnosis
  • discuss treatment options with you
  • answer your questions

Your doctor will order any necessary follow up appointments, tests, procedures, and treatments.

Billing Services

Billing for all CCSCI physicians and services is overseen by the Business Office at our main office in Decatur.  Several billing specialists are available to answer your questions.  In addition, a billing specialist is also available at Crossroads Cancer Center in Effingham.

For more information, please call the Business Office at 217-877-9442.

Laboratory Services

CCSCI offers laboratory services at the CCSCI-Monroe Street office in Decatur and at Crossroads Cancer Center in Effingham.  Limited laboratory services may be available at other clinic locations.

CCSCI laboratory services include Complete Blood Counts, Routine and Special Blood Chemistry Tests, Manual Differentials, Urinalysis Dipstick Tests and Microscopic Examinations, Bone Marrow and Fine Needle Aspirations, Coagulation Tests, Cancer Markers, and other miscellaneous tests.

CCSCI also coordinates with area hospitals and other laboratory providers.

Pharmacy Services

CCSCI has a licensed pharmacy at the CCSCI-Monroe Street office in Decatur and at Crossroads Cancer Center in Effingham to efficiently prepare orders for treatments given at CCSCI centers and clinics.

For all other medications, patients must go to a retail pharmacy.

Patient Education & Services

We know how important it is for patients and their families to understand what is happening throughout diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.  Unanswered questions lead to unnecessary fear and frustration.

Remember, as a patient, you have a right to choose whether anyone (family or friends) will be included in your education and treatment.  Please let us know if you have any special requests.

Things that you will need to know:

  • what the diagnosis means
  • how treatment will help
  • potential side effects of your treatments
  • what results you and your family can expect

Resources available for you!

Patient Services Coordinator - located at the CCSCI-Monroe Street office.  Our staff can help you with a variety of needs, including:

  • Access to local resources, education materials and local support groups
  • Applying for financial assistance (private and public)
  • Prescription programs
  • Transportation & Lodging (rides for appointments, treatments, tests, and out-of-town lodging if needed)

Cancer Support NetworkTM (CSN) - located at the CCSCI-Monroe Street office.  You can use special computer tablets to watch videos and find information about a variety of cancer-related topics.  Your doctor or nurse may also print special  information for you.

Education Materials - a variety of printed information from the National Cancer Institute, American Cancer Society, and many other organizations is available through all CCSCI centers and clinics.  Please feel free to take education materials from our displays or ask your doctor or nurse.

For chemotherapy patients, a chemotherapy nurse will give you detailed information about your treatments and potential side effects.  If you agree (and depending on space available), a family member or friend can stay with you during your treatments.

For radiation patients, our radiation staff will explain the set-up and treatment process for you, including review of your treatment plan and potential side effects.  If you agree, a family member or friend can watch one of your treatments from the monitor area.

Recommended Screenings

The best defense against cancer is early detection. Early detection can save your life!

Many patients admit to having symptoms several weeks, months, and sometimes even years before telling their doctor.  Please have routine health exams and tell your doctor immediately if you have any health problems or notice changes in your health. 

  • Learn the risk factors for cancer.
  • Learn how to reduce your risk for developing cancer.
  • Learn how to prevent cancer.
Current Conditions
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