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Minor Surgery



Keep wound dry for 24 hours.

ou may get the wound wet after 24 hours. You may shower after 24 hours. Do not submerge the wound in a tub or pool. Pat the area dry.

You may remove the outer dressing 24 hours after surgery. Leave the steristrips on until they fall off on their own or until removed by the doctor in the office.

Call the office if you develop signs of infection: Redness, swelling, pus-like drainage, or if you develop a fever of 101 or higher. Use Advil, or any non-prescription ibuprofen for pain. This may be taken in addition to any prescription pain medication. If you are given a prescription, take it as directed. If you did not receive a prescription, please call the office if one is needed. We prefer not to give biopsy results over the phone. Final results will not be available for 5-7 days after biopsy. Please call the office for a follow up appointment for 1 week after the' surgery.

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