Gas prices in central Illinois leaves consumers unhappy


Decatur, Ill - While many drivers say gas prices have become much more manageable in recent weeks, most say gas still costs too much.

Most central Illinois drivers are actually paying less than the state average. AAA says the state's average cost of gas is $3.75. In Decatur, the average is $3.65. In Champaign the average gallon of gas will cost $3.45, while in Springfield, gas costs an average of $3.58 per gallon.

One common gripe with Decatur drivers is the average cost of gas in the city tends to pace above neighboring cities. WAND dug into the issue. Gas station owners told WAND they often receive the brunt of the anger, but it's not their fault. Owners say the more they pay for delivery, the more gas will cost. Typically, they don't make much money off of gas at all. They say the real money makers are items they sell inside the store. They sell gas to draw customers inside.

The American Petroleum Institute told WAND gas costs more in Decatur -partially- because of competition with state taxes. For example, Springfield is closer to Missouri which has one of the lowest fuel taxes in the country. Champaign is closer to Indiana, where gas is cheaper as well. Decatur is in the middle of the three areas; Illinois has the third highest fuel tax in the country.

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