I Love To Read Challenge

This is the 3rd year NewsCenter 17 has challenged children to increase their reading by offering schools and students the opportunity to find adventure and knowledge through reading.

Beginning on September 8 through October 24, 2008 individuals can work towards a goal for both themselves and their classroom.  Students in grades 1-6 in central Illinois are eligible.

Each student that participates in the challenge will receive a certificate of achievement.  Students that meet their goals of at least 1,700 minutes for grades 1-2 and 2,500 minutes for grade 3-6 will receive a special Outstanding Reader sticker.  Those that reach the challenge minutes goal will also qualify to win $100 gift card from Bob Ridings Family of Dealerships for 6 classroom winners, $50 Visa gift card from Land of Lincoln Credit Union for each of the 6 individuals winners, and I Love to Read commemorative T-shirts for the six classroom winners and 6 individual winners from Aquafina.

A special television show for classroom and individual winners will be produced in November to award prizes to the winning individuals and classrooms.

"Today's powerful readers become tomorrow's successful leaders"

The program is presented by NewsCenter 17, Land of Lincoln Credit Union, Aquafina, Bob Ridings Family of Dealerships.





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