Betsy Stockard


Betsy Stockard

Candidate for Council, four-year term

AGE: 62

FAMILY: married, widowed and divorced

SIGNIFICANT OTHER: for the past 11 years and he is a great guy and a great supporter, who recently underwent a kidney transplant.

YEARS IN DECATUR: I have been here for 38 years with no regrets. I was born and raised in Bloomington, Illinois. It's a great town as well that has really grown since I lived there and that would be my hopes for Decatur too.


I once was precinct committeeman in the 80's. I've served on City Council since 1997. I am on the IML legislative committee. I have been a conference planner three times for the National League of Cities and have been a board member for Women in Municipal Government for the National League of Cities. I started Women Taking Action which is local and was started to involve more women in government but now focuses on women ages 18 and over to reach their maximum potential and share with each other. I pushed for the GIS system the city currently uses that I learned about from my first conference. I have pushed for our City to use the Brownfield Grants. I have always advocated for the Main Street Programs which again came from my learning about them from one of my first conferences. I pushed for the Current Council Policy that we use and also the Goal Setting Sessions we currently have. I was the number one supporter of Olive Garden coming to Decatur. I was the official delegate representing our City in Japan (taking the Mayor's place) several years ago and also in Germany along with Shad Edwards a few years ago. I currently am Mayor Pro Tem.


Addiction Therapist at Wells Center, located inside the Decatur Correctional Center (Women's Prison).


Founder and program Director for the Youth Empowerment Agency; current Member and organizer of Women Taking Action; co-organizer of the Amtrak Coalition


Graduate of Bloomington Sr. High School, Richland Community College and Illinois State University. Started work on Master's. Associates in Sociology, Bachelor of Science in Special Education.


I hope voters choose me because they know I serve to do the best I can for our whole community. When people ask me what it takes to be a city council member I tell them you must love people know matter who they are and know matter what they say about you or how they treat you. If you can help them with their issues they bring to you that is what you are to do. I firmly believe that people who run for city council should not run because they have an axe to grind or to satisfy special interest groups they should run because they want this community to be the best it can be. I run again because I believe there is more to be done and I want to be a part of the team that makes it happen.


Let's Bring More Unity to Our Community. That's what I want for Decatur!



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