Rev. Carey A. Grady


Rev. Carey A. Grady

Candidate for Council, four-year term

AGE: 34

FAMILY: Parents- Bishop and Mrs. Z.L. Grady. Bishop Grady is a retired Bishop in the AME Church and mother Mrs. C.R. Grady a retired Public School Teacher. I have two sisters Mrs. Felita-Grady-Davis of Columbia, S.C. (Spouse-Mr. Melvin Davis*, 2 Children-Melvin G. Davis* and Cara Leigh Davis) and Mrs. Constance Grady-Woodberry of Chicago, Illinois (Spouse- Atty. Kenneth Woodberry, 2 Children Kendall B. Woodberry and Zachary A.G. Woodberry)




Intern and employee on Capitol Hill for the Honorable James Clyburn of South Carolina's 6th Congressional District

Election Observer for first Democratic Elections in Haiti in 1995

Amnesty International Communications and Community Organizer Internship Program

Administrative Assistant, Assistant Office Manager and Volunteer Coordinator of the Democratic Party of Georgia (I managed 200 volunteers during the 2000 elections for the Democratic Party of Georgia)

Worked on the Maynard Jackson (former Mayor of Atlanta) Campaign to become the Chair of the Democratic National Committee Chair

2nd Vice President of the McCormick County Democratic Party, McCormick, South Carolina


Pastor, St. Peter AME Church Decatur, Illinois- 2004-Present

Pastor, Shiloh AME Church, McCormick, S.C.- 2001-2003

Democratic Party of Georgia - 2000-2001

Administrative Assistant, Office Manager

Volunteer Coordinator

Pastor, Bethlehem AME Church, Belton, S.C.- 1999-2001

Amnesty International, Washington, D.C. - 1996-1997

Mid-Atlantic Regional Office

Congressman James Clyburn - 1995-1996

United States House of Representatives, 6th District

South Carolina (D.C. Office)


Decatur, Illinois

Member of the NAACP, Christian Ministers Alliance, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.; Board Member Neighborhood Housing Development Corporation; Board Member African-American Cultural and Genealogical Society

Selected to be "20 Under 40" by the Mid-Central Illinois Business Journal

McCormick, S.C.

McCormick Community Development Corporation (Board Member)

McCormick County Democratic Party (Vice-President)

Voted Best Minister by the McCormick Chamber of Commerce 2002-2003


B.A. History, Howard University, 1997

M.Div. (Ethics) Turner Theological Seminary (TTS) at the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC), Atlanta Georgia 2000


By nature I am a community activist. I worked with Amnesty International and helped organize community protests dealing with issues concerning the death penalty and the U.S.'s support of countries that abused Human Rights. Part of my work entailed traveling to several colleges across the Mid-Atlantic region and talking to students about the disparity of the death penalty and how people of color and poor people find themselves on death row in misappropriate numbers to other people who commit the same heinous crimes. I also worked on a campaign to end U.S. involvement with the nation of Nigeria and their partnership with the Shell Oil Company. We organized that protest because of the Human Right's abuses of General Abacha. I have included this in my statement to voters because we live in a global culture and all politics (whether on a national, state or local level) must concern itself with what's happening around the world. When one suffers, we all suffer. What is happening in the U.S. with the economy is happening right here in our back yards. When we put people back to work in Decatur, we help our nation become strong again. When we do a good job of educating our children in Decatur, we help build a stronger Illinois and nation. When we are able to keep our streets safe in Decatur, we help keep the state of Illinois and the nation safe. A vote for Carey A. Grady is vote for the future. A vote for Carey A. Grady is a vote for someone who understands that we are connected in the human family and ultimately all have the same goals. There are several issues that I am concerned with including safer neighborhoods, economic development and community partnerships with school and community organizations. I also have a vision for an International Music festival (outside of the Decatur Celebration) that would bring substantial short-term revenue to the city as well as exposure to the local Decatur Arts Community.


My life and training have been in ministry and connecting people to there higher power, which for me is Jesus. In ministry I have had the opportunity to go into peoples homes and talk to people about the real issues of life. I have been with families in the midst of tragedy. I have been with families in the midst of unexpected death. I am not a person who runs from tough situations. I am a man of deep convictions and understand that all humanity wants essentially the same things in life: food, clothing, shelter, the right to live and work with dignity and provide a future for there family. A vote for Carey A. Grady is a vote for a person who understands the nature and needs of people. Those needs dictate what public services we are all in need of.


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