City of Decatur lists projects eligible for federal stimulus money


The City of Decatur is prepared to dig into some "shovel ready" projects that could receive funding through President Obama's stimulus plan. The city is requesting 17 million dollars to help address critical water needs and help create more jobs.

The city listed the following projects as part of that effort:

-Lake Decatur Basin 6 Dredging ($9.55 Million) - Lake Decatur represents the primary source of water for Decatur, Mt. Zion and many of our largest employers. Sediment has reduced lake capacity over the years by 21% and this project will add an additional 1,258 acre feet of water supply, critical in times of drought.

-Community Street Reconstruction Project ($4.5 Million) - The reconstruction of numerous streets in Decatur has had to be deferred due to a lack of funds. This project would restore severely deteriorated streets to new condition and provide high paying construction jobs to stimulate the economy in Macon County, among other things.

-Garfield Avenue/CNIC Bridge Repair ($900,000) - The Garfield Avenue bridge has suffered some deterioration over the years. While it is safe for normally loaded traffic, heavy loads are not allowed to use the bridge. It is located in the industrial part of Decatur and is important to connect the large vehicles to the interstate highway system and local businesses, which this project would allow.

-Street Restoration Overlay Project ($2.5 million) - This project would provide major maintenance to restore deteriorated asphalt streets, improve drainage and increase the life span of the street, among other things.

The U.S. House of Representatives approved the 819 billion dollar stimulus plan Wednesday. The Senate is expected to begin work on the plan next week.

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