Quinn busy during his first full day as IL governor


New Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is busy during his first full day on the job.

Quinn was sworn in Thursday after the state Senate removed Rod Blagojevich from office with a 59-0 vote at his impeachment trial and banned him from ever holding public office again in Illinois.

Quinn says his jobs is to fix flaws in state government. In a radio interview, he said a big part of that is assessing the damage that's been done so he can determine what to do next. Quinn says the taxpayers are entitled to good service from the state. He touted the work of the Illinois Reform Commission, which has been tasked with cleaning up state government, and pledged to work with lawmakers and other state officials as a team to get the job done.

Just hours after being sworn in Thursday, Quinn had dinner at the Executive Mansion in Springfield and spent the night there. He says the bed was nice and the food was good. Blagojevich refused to move from Chicago to the mansion when he was first elected in 2002.

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