Coaches score points for cancer charity


Illini Coach Bruce Weber is used to battling on the court.

But this weekend he took part in a different kind of fight...against cancer.

And it's a cause that's close to home.

"This week alone, I had three different people that I know very closely that are battling cancer,"Coach Weber said.

That's why signing events...are important to the coach. 

"Little things like this, to raise money and continue to help with the research and whatever they can do to battle it and maybe soon or later it saves a life here or there. You feel like you're doing something special," Weber said

It's something special for cancer survivor Sara Starkey.

She says everyone can relate to a cause to stop cancer.

"Every family I think is going to be touched in some way with either a family member or a friend or in some way they will be touched," Starkey said.

And because cancer know no bounds, it's not just the donations that are important.

"It's not only the money we raise, but I think it's the awareness we provide for the community," Scott Burnsmier of the American Cancer Society said.

And the awareness is greater with a winning coach.

"Fans love winners and they jump on board and then if we could tie that in to supporting the community, whatever it is whether it's Coaches v. Cancer or some other charity events around's a good thing," Weber said.

And the coach will continue to score points with the cancer charity.

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