Snowy winter puts City of Decatur over budget


This winter is putting the City of Decatur over budget. The city says the winter has brought many small snow and ice events resulting in higher than average salt use.

In a memo to council members, City Manager Ryan McCrady and Engineering and Infrastructure Director Richard Marley, detail the rising costs. They report higher-than-expected costs for de-icing materials, like salt, and overtime.

McCrady and Marley say so far the city has spent a total of $111,366 for di-icing materials. The city needs to buy more materials, which will cost a total of $158,147 pushing the amount $83,147 over budget.

Overtime is also an issue. The city set aside $75,000 for overtime, but the projected amount is $115,000 which is $40,000 over budget. McCrady and Marley say the nature and timing of storms required overtime. Many storms started in the early evening and continued through the night, while some happened on weekends.

The city says most of the increased cost may be offset by savings within the Engineering and Infrastructure Department.

The city says it appears salt prices have permanently increased so related budget requests for the next fiscal year will increase as well.

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