Representative Black recognized by Danville YMCA


Efforts in support of the Danville YMCA have earned State Representative Bill Black recognition from the state alliance of YMCA's.

The Danville Republican along with State Senator William Delgado received the YMCA's Legislative Hero award Wednesday.

The award is in recognition helping to obtain two $100,000 state grants for the Danville YMCA to pay for swimming pool and parking lot renovations.

Representative Black says the YMCA has made a difference in his life.

"I'm blessed to have had a wonderful mother and father," said Representative Bill Black, R-Danville. "It wasn't that they dumped me at the YMCA in the morning and pick me up at night, but they made sure that I had a place like that to go where I learned to swim, I learned to socialize, I was active in y-teens when I was in high school. It's just the gamut of socialization skills."

The Legislative Heroes award recognizes state lawmakers who demonstrate the YMCA's mission of building a healthy spirit and body.

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