Judge hopes to have decision on city council candidate by weeks end


There were more developments Monday in the objections of several Decatur City Council candidates face to their nominating petitions.

The electoral board decided four of those nine candidates could stay on the ballot in January. The objectors then asked to have a judge review those four rulings.

"A lot of candidates did not pay any attention to detail," said Brian Burcham. "And if you're gonna run a city, you need to pay attention to detail. That's why I don't accept the electoral board's decision."

Objectors Brian Burcham and Keith Anderson took the next step and asked for reviews.

Burcham filed objections against Mike McElroy saying his paperwork was not properly fastened and also against Julie Moore-Wolfe saying some people signed while she was not there.

Burcham also filed against Patrick McDaniel saying that his pages were not numbered correctly. Anderson objected to Betsy Stockard saying she did not list which council term she wanted on each petition page.

"This election doesn't make a reason why we did it," Anderson said. "It's the fact that we are engaged now in doing political stuff."

Anderson and Burcham got involved with politics through the change Decatur push. But they say this is not linked to that group. Meanwhile, the candidates want to move forward.

"I feel very good that we're gonna come out with a positive results for the McElroy candidacy," said Mike McElroy, Mayoral candidate.

"We'd all like to just get on with our campaigns, talk about the issues and move Decatur forward," said Julie Moore-Wolfe, Decatur City Council candidate.

"I've stopped some orders for some signs because I have limited funds and if I get kicked off the ballot, then I had signs and I'm out the money," said Patrick McDaniel, Decatur City Council candidate.

"I'll just be glad when this is over with," said Betsy Stockard, Decatur City Council candidate. "It's taken time away from my job."

But if the judge does not rule in favor of Burcham and Anderson, they'll continue to fight.

"We're not afraid to go to the appellate court; I think our past history shows that," Burcham said.

The judge hopes to announce his decision by the end of the week and at the county clerk's office, Steve Bean hopes it is all finalized by February 20th, the day he wants to mail absentee ballots.

Macon County Clerk Steve Bean says if any of those four candidates are removed from the ballot they can file to have voters write in their names up to seven days before the April 7th election.

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