Rantoul Pork Processing Plant Being Shut Down is Sending Shockwaves Throughout Illinois


An emergency meeting held by the USDA for farmers involved with the Meadowbrook Plant.

Farmers are share holders in meadowbrook. Famers say they invested money and also supplied hogs and they weren't paid at all, or they weren't paid the right price for the hog.

One of the main reason for the meeting was to get the money back to farmers. The USDA says close to 6 million dollars is owed but there's only 740 thousand dollars to go around.  Almost 100 farmers may be owed money and there's less than a million to pay them back.

The USDA is handling claims for the farmers and is also investigating Meadowbrook. The USDA was also in the hotseat tonight.

Farmers are asking why the agency didn't step in sooner before this situation escaladed.

Now millions are owed the plant is shut down, 600 employees there are out of work.

Also in the hotseat was Management of Meadowbrook. The chairman of the board blames a contract falling through with a company called Triad.

The USDA could take as long as a year to pay these farmers back. Some are saying they want the Illinois Attorney General involved cause the situation is so ugly.

If business went well. The farmers are saying they would have had 80 million dollars.


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