City shuts down parts of parking garage in Decatur


The city of Decatur says structural deficiencies led to the partial closure of a parking garage that's been a convenience in the city for nearly five decades. 

A concern for public safety specifically promoted the city to shut down parts of the garage and surrounding sidewalks.

Assistant City Manager Greg Crowe says the city has worked with the owner of the Barnes Citizens building for months now after concerned citizens called to complain about falling debris.

According to, the four-story parking garage was built in 1964 and cost half a million dollars to build. Now city leaders and engineers are studying the structural integrity of the parking structure to determine where it is safe.

"The owner is reviewing his options right now," Crowe said. "The engineering firm that did the analysis has some plans out to bid right now for the project and once he gets those bids back he's going to review his options for remediating the structural difficulties in the garage."

An engineering firm recently uncovered several deficiencies. The danger of the facade pealing away and falling out into the public was one major concern.

The city shut down stressed portions of the garage to give the structure a bit of relief. Crowe says surrounding sidewalks will remain closed and parking restrictions will be enforced until a permanent solution is found.

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