Illinois goes for Gettysburg Address recital world record


While the Crowne Plaza awaits the Presidents arrival, Governor Pat Quinn led the state in a live reading of the Gettysburg address.

On the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, people from across the state and around the globe came together for possibly a record-breaking reading of Lincoln's most famous document, the Gettysburg Address.

A live webcast of the event was broadcast in classrooms as far away as Germany and Japan.

Governor Quinn invited those watching around the world via live webcast to come to Illinois and learn more about Lincoln's history.

"This is really an inspiring day," said Governor Pat Quinn. "It's a special day in history that we stop our busy lives and remember somebody very very important to all our lives, Abraham Lincoln."

"It's a terrific day for Americans to remember the kind of landmark figure that Abraham Lincoln was," said Senator Dale Righter, R-Mattoon. "So I hope everyone takes at least a moment today and thinks about the impact he made on this country."

IHPA Director Jan Grimes played a big part in bicentennial planning, and says organizers are keeping family budgets in mind this week.

"A lot of what went into the planning was things that were not expensive, and things that would allow families to attend and really talk about Lincoln and the Lincoln legacy," said Jan Grimes of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.

And when it's sixty degrees and sunny in February, who wouldn't want to get out of the house for bicentennial events around town?

"It's exciting, I mean, and the weather's cooperating too," said Tim Farley, Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau Director. "That's the wonderful thing."

Organizers hoped 300,000 people would participate. The old record is 223,363.

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