States attorney looking at possible charges against Burris


The plot thickens in the controversy surrounding Illinois Senator Roland Burris.

Documents are now under review to determine whether perjury charges should be filed against Burris. Burris told reporters Monday night in Peoria that he tried to raise money for former Governor Rod Blagojevich before being appointed to the Senate.

Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan turned over documents to Sangamon County State's attorney John Schmidt on Tuesday. The documents are transcripts of Burris' testimony to the House Impeachment Committee. It all surrounds how Burris got appointed to the Senate by former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Burris told the committee in January he hadn't had contact with key Blagojevich staffers or offered anything in return for President Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat.

Last weekend, Burris released an affidavit that indicated he had three fundraising calls from Robert Blagojevich, the governor's brother and finance chairman, asking Burris for fundraising assistance.

Schmidt says he is reviewing the documents.

"When I say review our job is to look at the facts and to look at the law and apply to the two to determine whether or not there has been a violation of Illinois law," Schmidt said.

Schmidt says he has gone through many cases to determine whether perjury charges should be filed but he gave no exact timeline when he will get through the facts of this inquiry.

Senator Burris says he welcomes "any and all" investigations into his conduct concerning his appointment by former Governor Rod Blagojevich, including any inquiries by the U.S. Senate Ethics Committee.

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