House Republicans, Senator Durbin weigh in on Burris


Illinois House Republicans are demanding more information about when Senator Burris asked Democrats to amend testimony he gave about how he got his job.

House Minority Leader Tom Cross and Representative Jim Durkin sent a letter Wednesday to Democrats asking for documents detailing Burris' contact with the impeachment committee.

Burris previously said he had no contact with Blagojevich staffers or offered anything in return for his Senate seat. But last weekend an affidavit released by Burris indicated he spoke to Blagojevich's brother and finance chairman about fundraising assistance

Burris continues to insist he did nothing wrong.

Senator Dick Durbin sent out a message on the Burris controversy while on business in Greece. He called Burris' testimony unsatisfactory and incomplete. Durbin says a Senate ethics investigation is underway.

The Sangamon County State's attorney is reviewing documents today to determine whether or not Senator Burris will face perjury charges.

Transcripts of Burris' testimony to the House Impeachment Committee were turned over to State's Attorney John Schmidt Tuesday.

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