Illinois lawmakers hear from state agencies on how stimulus money will be spent


Newly appointed Chief Operating Officer Jack Lavin will oversee the $9 billion stimulus Illinois will receive over the next few years.

Some lawmakers  insisted the whole stimulus process is transparent and accountable unlike the way the last administration handled the states business. Governor Pat Quinn says everything will be placed on the internet so the people of Illinois will know that money is being spent properly.

Out of the $787 billion stimulus package, $288 billion is tax relief,  and leaving $499 billion for the states. Illinios will receive a total of about $9 billion and of that money: health care receives $2.9 billion, schools $2 billion, work force investiment act $110 million, green jobs and energy savings $276 million, transportation and infrastructure $2 billion.

The capital bill remains to be debated but, lawmakers say $2 billion of the stimulus money would go to pay off the states $9 billion deficit.

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