Former school administrator is facing criminal charges related to the Jon White Case


Former Urbana school administrator Dr. Gene Amberg, waived his right to a jury trial and had a bench trial with Judge John Kennedy who found him guilty.

As part of a plea agreement Amberg agreed to the facts that State's Attorney Julia Reitz presented to the judge.

In November 2006 parents of a Thomas Paine student contacted Amberg with concerns about Jon White, based on conversations they had with their daughter.

Amberg contacted the former Principal Janice Bradley who discussed the matter with White who said the games were part of a Helen Keller lesson.

Amberg authorized an internal investigation. But, did not contact Department of Children and Family Services, which is required by state law.

Defense Attorney Tony Novak said, "Dr. Amberg never intended to violate the Mandatory Reporting Act. However; as superintendent at the time, Dr. Amberg takes full responsibility for his actions and decisions."



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