Coroner's inquest begins in Macon County


A Macon County coroner's jury will determine the manner of death for some high profile cases Wednesday.

Jurors are expected to come to a decision regarding the death of six-month-old, Amylah Smith-Allende in December. Emersion "Theo" Burns is accused in her death but the jury's ruling will not affect the court case.

Burns is set to be back in court for a pretrial hearing March 4th. He has pleaded not guilty. The child's mother is also facing charges.

The coroner's jury will also make a ruling in the death of 20-year-old, Nazareth Lee.

Lee was shot multiple times in a home on east Walnut Street in Decatur. Zebulin Beasley is charged in the death.

Wednesday's decision will have no bearing on the criminal case. Beasley pleaded not guilty and will be in court March 8th.

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