Lawmakers say Burris not doing his party any favors by refusing to resign


Roland Burris continues to cling to his U.S. Senate seat despite a growing number of calls for him to resign.

Those calls are coming from fellow Democrats and Republicans alike. The longer Burris holds onto the seat, there are concerns that the state's reputation of political corruption won't go away anytime soon.

Political observers say despite perhaps some strained relations with colleagues, Burris should be able to carry out his duties such as voting and serving on committees. However, some state lawmakers say Burris' stubborn refusal to step down is providing a boost to the GOP.

"The longer Senator Burris remains in office, I believe it is to the detriment of the Democratic party," said Senator Larry Bomke, R-Springfield.

"As a Republican, it's very exciting, but as a person that's worried about really the whole state of Illinois, its something that I'd wish would get taken care of very quickly," said Representative Rich Brauer, R-Springfield. "You know we'd like to see him resign and we get somebody else in there."

Even though Burris does face some tough going in the Senate, Illinois still has plenty of clout in Washington. President Obama and his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel plus the number two ranking Senate Democrat Dick Durbin are all from Illinois. 

Burris' lasting impact remains to be seen.  

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