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CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - The Champaign County COVID-19 Relief Fund has awarded four grants to increase access to technology.

It is no longer a luxury to have access to a computer or tablet it is an economic and health necessity. But for too many, essential technology has been out of reach. Through these grants we aim to reduce the disparity in access to technology,” said Sue Grey, President & CEO, United Way of Champaign County.

Wave 4 Grants

  • $5,000 Developmental Services Center Tablets for people with disabilities living in group homes, so they can stay connected with their families and access telehealth services
  • $2,500 DREAAM - Laptops and printers, so staff can conduct education programming virtually
  • $5,250 Rosecrance Telehealth communication devices, so patients in mental health, substance abuse and treatment programs can continue receiving services
  • $10,000 Housing Authority of Champaign County Computers for YouthBuild program participants, so they can complete their high school diploma and participate in career training

Danielle Matthews, Chief Executive Officer of Developmental Services Center, said,During COVID-19, DSC has been especially concerned about people not having access to others for social/emotional support, and not having the ability to reach out when they are in need of something, including basic needs, medical attention, or simply touching base with someone on a regular basis. The tablets are more than just a bridge to maintain contact with someone, but genuinely a way to provide services and supports virtually, which include community connections, personal development and telehealth options.

To donate to the fund, visit or

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