DMH sponsoring awareness for prostate cancer

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) -- Members of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall in District 3 of the Grand Lodge of Illinois did a 5K walk in Decatur to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

"Every penny goes to prostate research and prostate research funds," Tony D. Stafford, a member of the organization said.

The fundraiser was also a chance to educate others about the growing disease.

'I'm a prostate survivor - prostate is what they call a silent killer, because it doesn't always show any symptoms," Stafford said. "I was 55 years old before I even knew I had it and it was 6 or 7 years I probably had it."

"African American males are more pruned to getting the cancer than anyone else - especially when you're above the age of 50," Willie Junior, a member of the organization said.

The fundraiser was held outside of Cancer Care Specialists of Decatur, which offers medical support for prostate cancer.

"So, I've been coming out here and getting free screenings with this cancer center for the last 6 years or better, so that's keeping me up on my awareness," Junior said.

"Let's face it - a lot of men don't want to go to the doctor and get checked - so a lot of times people get it and a lot of times it over takes them because they never went to the Doctor," Stafford said. "All it takes is a simple visit to the doctor and a simple test to let you know it is treatable, prostate cancer is treatable, if you catch it in time."

They walk to finish a race with the hope of finding a cure.

"I hope their will be more education of the illness of prostate cancer, how dangerous it is and maybe find a cure or antidote to curb this so not many people have to get a screening," Junior said.

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