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(WAND) - On this edition of WAND Presents The Reel Geno, Geno looks at two thrillers that you can see on streaming right now. 


>>WAND Presents The Reel Geno - Watcher/Prey

First up is Maika Monroe's new movie "Watcher." When a woman, who has just moved overseas with her husband, begins to see someone staring back at her from the building across the street.

While at first this seems innocent enough, it slowly becomes more and more likely that the person is stalking her... or is he? Is it all in her head or is there someone after her. 

Next up is the Predator prequel "Prey."  One of, if not the first highly advanced predators arrives on Earth in the early 1700's.  A Comanche warrior sees the threat, but nobody in her tribe believes her. This leaves it up to her to take on and kill the creature... but how do you kill something that seemingly can't be killed?

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