School counselors to take part in supply chain management tour

DECATUR - Speeding up delivery times to Decatur by rail and truck is the plan for a new partnership, in Decatur.

The new strategic partnership is between the Canadian National Railway and ADM's Midwest Inland Port, in Decatur.

Decatur's Midwest Inland Port moves products in shipping containers by rail and truck throughout the United States.

With the new partnership, Canadian National Railway will move goods to and from Canada, bypassing Chicago and bringing those products directly to Decatur.

It's a major step forward guaranteeing on-time delivery by rail.  Ryan Mccrady, with the Economic Development Corp. says, “When you look at Decatur and Macon County and when you look at bringing imports into the United States, into the Midwest, when you come into Decatur now without delays you get certainty, certainty on arrival and certainty on your export time too.”

John Orr, with Canadian National Railway says, "We save hours, days and sometimes weeks that goods would normally travel across and through Chicago and get to destinations a lot quicker saving customers time.  Saving them money and creating more predictable transit times."

CNR moves billions of dollars worth of goods annually across a rail network that spans 20,000 route-miles in mid-America and Canada.