Children travel for free on Amtrak this summer
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Starting today Amtrak has resumed their full schedules throughout Illinois. That includes the Lincoln Service which runs between Chicago and St. Louis with intermediate stops in Springfield and Normal.
Spokesman for Amtrak Marc Magliari said this was the perfect time to resume normal routes with all the events coming up in Central Illinois.
"At IDOT's direction we're restoring this service in time for the Illinois State Fair, we're restoring this service in time for the DuQuion State Fair, we're restoring this service in time for all the colleges and universities up and down this route where students, faculty and staff depend on us to get them back and forth to the college campuses."
Restored routes are not the only thing Springfield residents can look forward to. They can also expect a new Springfield station with two rails on Eleventh street.
"Once we're over there, there will be more capacity, there will be more ways for more trains to go more places more often and we should see fewer delays and a little quiter part of Springfield too" said Magliari.
Mayor Jim Langfelder said the two tracks will have a positive economic impact on the area.
"That's the importance of the double tracking is more from the economic standpoint of moving freight that really gave us the funding to move in that direction."
The greatest benefit will be the faster speeds of the trains when traveling to Chicago or St. Louis.
"We're already running at a higher speed for a lot of this route and once we get some more experience in how well the trains run we will start taking some time out of the schedule" said Magliari.
The Mayor said the city is still on track to complete the project by 2025.

The next phase of construction will be the South Grand and Cook Street overpass and then work on Madison and Jefferson after that.

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