JACKSONVILLE, Ill (WAND) - An animal rescue in Jacksonville just got a lot more crowded.

PAWS is a no-kill shelter that was founded by Lisa Jackson in 2011.

"As of January of last year, we've saved over 5,000 animals," Jackson said.

The shelter usually houses 50 to 60 dogs at one time. But after a breeder surrendered 91 dogs, that total is up to more than 170.

"I had been getting dogs from her she no longer wanted for the last eight years," Jackson said. "If she was done using them, she would allow us to have them."

The breeder has been running a facility for the past 22 years and decided she was done. That's where PAWS stepped in.

"There's nothing that makes a rescuer happier than hearing a breeder doesn't want to breed anymore," Jackson said.

Anyone interested in helping the shelter can donate things like puppy food, cleaning supplies or even make a monetary donation. For more information, visit their Facebook page.