Casey White and Vicky White

Photo: AP 

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WAND) - As police chased after Vicky White and Casey White in Indiana, Vicky made one final call to 911. 

Dispatchers released audio of the call, which happened as authorities closed in and moments before Vicky White shot herself. She later died in hospital care. 

Alabama authorities previously said Casey White, an Alabama inmate accused of murder, was involved in a "jailhouse romance" with Vicky White. The duo has no relation to each other. 

Investigators said Vicky had escorted Casey from a jail in Florence, Ala., claiming she was taking him to a mental health evaluation. A manhunt then ensued, with 11 days passing before its conclusion in southern Indiana. Authorities believe they spent about six days in an Evansville motel, where the Vanderburgh County sheriff said wigs were found to hide their identities.

On Monday, U.S. Marshals found the pair and pursued them, eventually ramming their vehicle off the road. Vicky called dispatchers and asked for the pursuit to be called off, then shot herself. 

They were prepared for a shootout, the sheriff said. When taken into custody, he added they were found with $29,000 in cash, an AR-15 rifle and four handguns. 

Evansville Central Dispatch released the call. Listen to it here on the website of NBC affiliate WTHR. 

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