Photo: Henson Robinson Zoo

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) – A black lemur nearing the age of 40 has passed after a Springfield zoo put her down.

The Springfield Park District says it and the Henson Robinson Zoo decided to euthanize Blossom on Wednesday after finding her lethargic and with a decreased appetite at 38 years old. They say she was dealing with degenerative arthritis and cataracts, making it easy to see that her comfort level was falling, and had long passed the black lemur median zoo life expectancy of 25 years.

“We have been blessed by Blossom,” said General Curator Jeff Mitchell. “She was an amazing ambassador for her species, which is in decline in Madagascar, and for lemurs in general. She was charismatic and just an all-around joy to have at the zoo. The keeper staff and our visitors will miss her.”

Blossom was the oldest black lemur kept in any zoo on the globe and the oldest animal at Henson Robinson Zoo. She came to Henson on Sept. 16, 1992, after moving from her Lincoln Park Zoo (Chicago) birthplace to the Saint Louis Zoo.

She’s the mother of lemurs Daisy and Bud, who have lived at Henson Robinson Zoo since 1992.

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