SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - The ladies of a breast cancer support group usually meet once a month and the latest meeting was about using cannabis for medical reasons.

Naomi Wands usually leads the meetings. She said using cannabis has been a topic for patients at the Memorial Medical Center. 

"Its a hot topic they want to know more information," Wands said. "This group in particular - that question came up a couple of times." 

Whether its to treat themselves or someone who they're close to. Julianne Manuel, an owner of a pharmacy that provides CBD, said there are common misconceptions about using CBD products. 

"CBD is not about THC," Manuel said. "People confuse CBD saying its cannabis, thinking its marijuana." 

While the cannabis products is used to help with symptoms such as: joint pain, muscle pain and anxiety; Manuel said universities are researching what else CBD can provide. 

"We're just really scratching the surface to see what it could do," Manuel said. 

"We do see that some of our alternative medications and alternative therapies and treatments are helpful," Wands added. 

CBD use in Illinois is legal.