ASSUMPTION, Ill. (WAND) - A brewing that caught fire in February 2019 is on the mend and in the process of rebuilding.

The 1905 Brewing Company in Assumption was originally at the coroner of Samuel and Chestnut Streets. It caught fire in the early hours of February 28.

"We watched that building go up in 30 minutes and we had spent well over a year working in that," said Craig Collins, owner.

The historic building, built in 1905 was leveled that morning and everything inside was destroyed. Ten owners, who were part of the company had a hard time deciding if they would rebuild. Tom Dooley, owner, said it was the community's support that got them back on their feet and encouraged them to rebuild.

"The fire was a like a death," said Dooley. "The support in the morning was there, but the community put their arms around us and just welcomed us and encouraged us."

Collins and Dooley recalled the encouraging posts and comments from people around the community, in addition to other breweries from around the area. Only 6 of the original 10 owners returned, they recalled it wouldn't have been possible to rebuild without their help in the beginning.

"It was a difficult day and that process of deciding to come back and start all over was difficult, but we re here and we are excited," said Collins.

The new brewery is down the street from the original location. The owners said the city tore down an old building along Chestnut and felt that would be a perfect place for them right across from the war memorial in town.

The new building is bigger and will have a different look than the old location. However, Dooley said while it's a different location and set-up, it will have the same feel as the first 1905.

"The comment was we felt welcome, and I think that's one of the reasons the owners wanted to come back, to see our customers again."

An opening date has not been set. The owners hope to open late spring or early summer. To keep up with updates, click here.