green water

Credit: News Gazette

HOMER, Ill. (WAND) - The cause for dead fish and unusually green colored water is being investigated in the Salt Fork River.

The water level is low and the color is described as an "intense green," by the News Gazette.

The bright green water has been seen as far upstream as Flatville in Champaign County, and downstream, east of Homer into Vermilion County.

Dead floating fish and dying fish have been found in the green zone.

Initial samples taken Friday by Illinois Environmental Protection Agency were inconclusive, the News Gazette reported. More samples were sent to the agency's laboratory for further testing.

Officials are warning people to avoid the water and keep pets out of it as well at this time.

The U.S. EPA reports over growths of algae in water can produce dangerous toxins. These can sicken people and animals. 

Oakwood's water treatment plant is downstream from where the green color was seen in the Salt Fork, the News Gazette said.