FORSYTH, ILL. (WAND) -- They call their lemonade stand the sweet spot.

 "[We named it "The Sweet Spot] because Stanford and Silas and "The Sweet Spot" -- 2 s's," Silas and Stanford Livingston said about creating their own lemonade stand.
7-year-old Stanford and 6-year-old Silas Livingston's motive for opening up shop is all about sibling rivalry.
"Because our sister had a business and we wanted one too," Stanford and Silas said.
 Their Dad Stan was happy to support the two's sweet new business.
 "We have told all of our children from the start that one of things that we want them to do when they grow up is be their own boss," Stan Livingston said.
 The boys made 76 dollars on their first day of business and have made over 200 dollars.
"Are you guys trying to save up for anything? We don't know yet. We don't know what we're going to spend on it yet."
The popularity in their lemonade comes from their secret recipe.
"It's fruit. it's fresh fruit. it's fruit, but we cant tell you what kind of fruit. it's fresh fruit but we can't tell you what kind of fruit," Stanford and Silas said. 
You can try "The Sweet Spot's" lemonade at their location in Greenbrier Lane or their new location in South Shores for only fifty cents a cup. 

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