DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - CASA in Central Illinois has more children than volunteers. Julia Livingston with Macon County CASA sees first hand how being involved in a child's life can positively impact their lives. 

"These kids ... they really appreciate the relationships that we're able to create," Livingston said. 

These are kids who've been abused or neglected. Livingston focuses on getting children into a home where they will feel safe. 

"It takes a village to raise a family," she added. 

CASA statistics in central Illinois showed the following: 

Macon County

  • 164 volunteers
  • 587 children
  • 300 covered

Sangamon County

  • 20 active volunteers
  • 720 cases
  • 57 cases covered

Champaign County

  • 114 advocates
  • 367 children

"Naturally we need more volunteers," Livingston said. "So Judge Little assign us more cases with children." 

CASA said it's 'all hands on deck'. While it does need more volunteers, it would be better if there were more men to step up. Livingston said there is a large number of boys in the system "who don't have positive male relationships".

"At CASA we're just part of that village," Livingston said. "Just making sure that child is safe and (can) thrive as an adult." 

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