CHICAGO, Ill. (WAND) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a case of the new coronavirus in Illinois on Friday. 

The patient is a female Chicago area resident in her 60's.

"This patient is stable... currently in the hospital, and we are working with the hospital to identify any other people that need to be assessed," said Illinois Department of Public Health Director Ngozi Ezike.

The first case of the new coronavirus in the US was a man in his 30's in Washington state, reported on Tuesday.

Both the Chicago woman and the Washington man had recently been in Wuhan, China, where the virus was first detected.

While there are many types of coronaviruses, they only rarely infect humans, according to IDPH. However, the new strain - called the 2019 Novel Coronavirus - has killed at least 26 people and sickened hundreds across the globe.

Ezike said there are more questions than answers about the virus.

"In terms of its symptomatology, how people get infected, the length from exposure to symptoms," she said. "We are still trying to learn all that we need to learn about this virus."

Ezike also said, thanks to the collaboration of several health agencies in identifying and containing the virus, there is currently no significant risk for Illinois residents.

"We identified it quickly, while also taking measures to prevent others from being exposed," she said. "Because of these coordinated efforts, we believe the risk to the general public in Illinois remains low."

Anyone who thinks they may have the coronavirus should call their healthcare provider to be assessed.

More information about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus can be found here.