(WAND)- Central Illinois Community Blood Center announces a new name change uniting its four-state region Blood Centers under one name.

ImpactLife is the new single identity for the Blood Centers as of May 3.

The not-for-profit community blood center provides blood for 120 hospitals in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin and was previously known by three different names: Central Illinois Community Blood Center, Community Blood Services of Illinois, and Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center.

Chief Executive Officer Mike Parejko stressed the importance of the centers having a single, common identity. "We are proud of our strong history and the reputation we have developed under our previous names, but the time has come to bring all of our team, donors, and volunteers under a shared identity that emphasizes the impact of our work on the communities we have the pleasure to serve."

"Our organization will be stronger and more efficient when we operate under a single brand instead of three," said Parejko. "With our growth, it has become abundantly clear this is the time to move forward under a single name."

Three of the centers were established independently back in the 1970's include the Central Illinois Community Blood Center (based in Springfield, Illinois), Community Blood Services of Illinois (based in Urbana, Illinois), and Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center (based in Davenport, Iowa).

The three organizations joined forces in 2010 and 2011 to form a single entity that today has a service region that extends from Madison, Wisconsin to St. Louis, Missouri.

Since their merger, the blood center's legal and regulatory name (for licensing purposes) has been maintained as Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center.

The legal and regulatory name will remain unchanged after May 3, and the blood center will do business as ImpactLife with all communities and partners moving forward.

An internal project team led the name change with representatives from all Blood Center's departments and market research provided by an agency with expertise in developing names for products and organizations.

The year-long project included research with blood donors, blood drive coordinators, the blood center's Board of Directors, employees, community members, and representatives from hospitals the blood center serves.

They are currently in the process of having all their logos updated.

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