CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - The fear that your significant other can be dead on the road is horrifying. For one couple that fear came to life.

On February 18, 2017, Ryan and Stacey Harris decided to go out on a motorcycle ride with some friends.

"It was nice enough, so we went out," said Ryan Harris.

He says once the day was starting to fade, they decided to go home before it got too dark.

"It was about 10 miles from Seymour on Route 10 and this car, coming from their lane, I saw them coming towards us," he said.

Ryan says he didn't think much of it at first and next thing he knows, he remembers waking up in the hospital, but his wife can remember all the horrific details.

"The officer said I flew 70 feet in the air."

She says she remembers continuously spinning and thinking, 'When am I going to land?'

"It's horrifying. It was something I loved to do. I'd gotten my motorcycle license. It was something I loved to do," said Stacey.

The couple both sustained multiple injuries.

"I was the first one in surgery. I broke my femur, my ankle was crushed. My hand was crushed. They put a bar on my leg and a plate on my ankle. I didn't have surgery on my hand for a couple of months because the swelling was just too bad to operate on," said Stacey.

Ryan says his injuries left him unemployed for a little more than a year.

"My right wrist was broke, left let hip down was crushed, I had to have the hip replaced," he said.

Ryan says his pain continues until this day and Stacey refuses to hop back on a motorcycle.

So, they're asking everyone to watch out for motorcycle riders.