CHAMPAIGN, Illl. (WAND) - Anyone who passed by the Kaufman Lake Tuesday morning probably saw the Champaign Fire Department (CFD).

They're assuring everyone it's simply for training.

The CFD will be training all week long and teaching their firemen how to prepare for worse case scenarios, especially during the cold winter months.

Lieutenant JP Childers says ice rescues are rare in Champaign, but he's worked for the department for 14 years and has seen it happen.

"We have unfortunately had fatalities happen in Champaign regarding people who have gone through the ice so we want to make sure we have every resource and skill is available to us in these emergencies," said Childers.

He says the first rule of thumb is understanding hypothermia and then learning how to put on the safety suit.

"Then we make entry onto the ice with a special ice rescue suit to protect us and we are tethered into the shore. We make entry into the ice and we come from a position where we don't destroy the ice they may be clinging to. then we make entry to the water and we tether ourselves to the victim and are tethered onto shore."

As a friendly reminder, fire crews want to warn residents to stay away from the water and if outside, wear layers and dress accordingly.