CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - Champaign-Urbana teachers banded together in support of black lives during a county school board meeting.

Teachers and other supporters took to the streets to voice their support for Black Lives Matter after the district ordered for a BLM sign to be removed from a school window. On Monday night, the Champaign Unit 4 school board voted 7-0 to allow the sign to stay. 

The director of the Black Teachers Alliance group, Cessily Thomas, is behind this march. She said she wants students to know they are supported in this movement.

"We do the work to make the sign true for our students in every classroom in every school in our district, so that our kids will not just know they matter, they will walk like they matter, they will talk like they matter, they will live like they matter," Thomas said. 

Students are asking their teachers why they are not allowed to voice support for black lives.

"Why, why can't we say, you know, that our lives matter, why can, really, why can't the district affirm us," one student said. 

Thomas said she is a part of the school system and wants to see change from the inside out. "I want to be inside doing the work and I'm willing to do the work. But we're going to need some help. Can't do it all alone."

The march started at Westview Elementary School and ended at the E.H Mellon Administration building, where the school board meeting took place. 

The people who attended rallied around the building, speaking about why this movement is important to them. One teacher says, "

"Black lives need to be affirmed, black students needs to be affirmed. Our district has been failing black students," they said. 

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