ST. LOUIS (WAND) - An assault charge has been dropped against an Illinois man whose wife was found dead at the bottom of a parking garage near Busch Stadium.

Bradley Jenkins of Taylorville was charged on June 3 with third-degree domestic assault in connection with the death of 27-year-old Allissa Martin.
WAND News learned that charge was dropped in August.

Jenkins and Martin were both Illinois prison guards.

Officials with the Circuit Attorney's Office said the court requires an indictment within 90 days of charges being filed, and they were still waiting on evidence from police and the medical examiner that are required for the grand jury to decide the case.

Officials said they do plan to refile charges once they receive the necessary evidence. They are also asking the public to come forward with more information about the case.

Martin's body was found on the ramp of the Stadium East parking garage following a Cardinals and Cubs game.


Police said when they got there, Jenkins was straddling her body and was "agitated and appeared to be intoxicated."

Martin's cellphone was found on the seventh floor of the garage with its video camera still rolling.

The recording showed her pointing the camera toward herself. She then turned the camera toward Martin, and he was shown on camera. They were arguing, police said.

Police said Martin can be heard on the recording yelling at Jenkins to stop punching her face. She then dropped the phone.

Police said on the recording you hear her scream as she falls.

Jenkins told police he and Martin had gotten married May 22. They were at the game with coworkers on June 1 and had argued.

Police said Jenkins lied to them, including claiming he had not been on the garage roof with Martin and that they had not become physical.

Martin left behind four step-children.