City of Praise Church once again opens doors for Shelter from Cold Weather

DECATUR – Church officials tell WAND News that they will be opening their doors once again to give those in need shelter from the cold weather.

WAND News previously reported about the City of Praise Church inviting those in need to stay the night at their facilities. They will once again be acting as a warming center for area men, women and children in need of shelter.

On Sunday, January 17, they will instead by opening their doors at 5:30 PM, instead of 7 PM. Those seeking shelter will be able to stay in the church until 7 AM the next day. The church is offering this service whenever the weather becomes especially harsh and freezing in the single digit temperatures.

Individuals who stay will be able to partake in warm food and beverages, as well as have a cot to sleep on.

Anyone in need of transportation can go to the Oasis Center, where the local YMCA will be transporting people to the church on North Edwards Street.

The address for the City of Praise Church is 1415 North Edwards Street in Decatur. While it does show up as the New Salem Baptist Church on maps, it is now the City of Praise Church.