EDINBURG, Ill. (WAND)- A tornado flattened acres of corn, splintered trees and damaged buildings in northern Christian County, officials confirmed Tuesday.

The tornado, which included wind speeds of more than 105 miles per hour, traveled about five miles over ten minutes, EMA Director Mike Crews said.

“Probably an EF1 tornado that did some damage sporadically in rural areas,” Crews said, adding that he had no reports of injuries.

A second tornado was an EF0, according to the National Weather Service in Lincoln, and started near Assumption. Its path was less than two miles long. 

Neighboring farmers gathered to clean up storm damage from the first  tornado at a home and farm near Edinburg.

“The doors were all blown off the machine shed and roof … minor damage to the house, but probably 30, 40 trees down with the tops off,” said Scott Ostermeier.

Ostermeier pointed to the helpfulness of those who came to help.

“Probably two dozen guys in four or five tractors showed up, no calls made, just farmers in a two-or-three mile radius of here showed up to help,” Ostermeier said. “Unfortunately, you don’t realize until something bad happens like this that little communities come together.

Sirens in Taylorville did not sound during the storm because of a software problem, Crews said.

“We would have activated the sirens last night had that been in service,” Crews said. “That’s being worked on tomorrow by the vendor that came in from Wisconsin in a hurry to take care of it for us.”  

Emergency officials shared storm information through social media, including the Facebook page Christian County Severe Weather and Disaster Recovery, Crews said.

“Social media is such an important tool, and that’s far-and-away how we disseminate most of our information,” Crews said. “We’re reaching thousands of people … I think this storm we reached well over 40,000 people.”