DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - The annual Cop on a Rooftop fundraiser ended with over $2,300 collected in Decatur.

The Macon County Sheriff's Office thanked everyone who came to Dunkin' Donuts across central Illinois Friday morning for the annual event. Law enforcement worked from 5 a.m. to noon to raise money. In Decatur, the fundraiser was held at 3016 N. Water St. in the Brettwood Village Shopping Center.

A total of $2,399 raised in 2019 will go to the Special Olympics. The money will stay in central Illinois. 

"Special Olympics is an outstanding organization," said Lt. Jeff Scheibly. "We have been in a partnership with them for years. It's all about the athletes."

This is the fourth year Macon County Sheriff's Department has participated in the event. Lt. Scheibly said it's something they look forward to each year.

"We get to interact with the community and just show them that we are officers, but we also have that fun side to us as well," explained Lt. Scheibly.

In Champaign County, a total of $12,500 was raised. Rantoul won a fundraising challenge with the South Neil Street Dunkin' Donuts location and raised $3,800. The Neil Street store raised $3,600.

Jason Edwards is a student at Warrenburg-Latham and volunteers with Special Olympics of Illinois and encourages people to donate and raise awareness about the organization.

"To help people that don't get to really do stuff often and it's good to give back," said Edwards.

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