CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - Courage Connection is closing its doors in Lincoln Square Mall.

The retail store had been open for 10 years and celebrated its 10th anniversary back in October.

"We know how much it meant to our customers, but we also needed to stay focused on our mission," said Development and Outreach Director Michael Ujcich.

Ujcich says it was a very difficult decision for them to close down the store. They couldn't be more appreciative of all the workers who put their time, effort and love into the store, and also are thankful for the volunteers who have been part of Courage Connection.

One of the reasons the store had to close was due to the income.

"We really did take a hard look at what was happening in the store. We knew that we provide services for our clients, but when we looked at the actual numbers and dollars in terms of investment, it was really difficult," Ujcich said.

They now can continue to focus on their overall mission to help victims of domestic violence. Right now, Ujcich says he has seen an increase of victims walking in and out of his doors.

"The last fiscal year, over 900 calls were taken by our hotline and now, looking at statistics, we are tracking to be above that already," he said.

He says now that the store will be permanently closed on the June 21, organizers can work on partnering with other groups to help serve those in need.